Festival Overhaul

Event Marketing // Ticket Sales Festival Overhaul 0 % Sales Performance Increase 0 % Increased Social Reach 0 % Sales Performance Increase 0 % Increased Social Reach Abstract: We recently collaborated with an annual festival in California, a decade-old event with ambitions to significantly expand its scale and reach for 2024. Referred to Roundhouse, they […]

Using Social Media Advertising to Boost Your Brand’s Reach

In this digitized era, your brand’s success hinges on leveraging the ubiquitous power of social media advertising. It’s not enough to simply exist in the digital space – your brand needs to dominate it. At Roundhouse Consulting, we understand the battlefield that social media can be and are poised to arm you with strategies that […]

Specialty Retailer and Shop

Shopify 2.0 Upgrade // Ecommerce and Local Specialty Retailer and Shop Goal: Roundhouse was tasked with recreating the client’s current eCommerce site in the updated Shopify 2.0 framework, modernizing the look and feel, and improving the user experience for physical customers and pickup/delivery orders. Strategies: Prior to creating our prototypes, we employed heat mapping software […]

International Non-Profit

WordPress Site International Non-Profit Goal: Roundhouse was tasked with creating a cleaner, responsive website for an international non-profit organization which helped make information about their cause more accessible, improve credibility, and to decrease touch points for donations. Our team was given powerpoint designs to work from and was provided with ample image and text content […]