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Roundhouse was tasked with creating a cleaner, responsive website for an international non-profit organization which helped make information about their cause more accessible, improve credibility, and to decrease touch points for donations. Our team was given powerpoint designs to work from and was provided with ample image and text content to use, so the primary objective was to ensure that the site responded well to any screen size while keeping in mind our target audience, which skewed older.


We first created a number of standardized blocks at set layout breakpoints for different elements to keep the design consistent across all pages, without it becoming monotonous. Ample testing of each element led to our final designs, which were populated with content, and the sections were arranged to tell the story the client wanted to tell in proper sequence.

Since the client had an existing site and were on the clock, the launch needed to be as seamless as possible. Roundhouse created a staging partition on the client’s hosting for Quality Assurance purposes and deployed the new site within a day of approval.

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