Shopify 2.0 Upgrade // Ecommerce and Local

Specialty Retailer
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Roundhouse was tasked with recreating the client’s current eCommerce site in the updated Shopify 2.0 framework, modernizing the look and feel, and improving the user experience for physical customers and pickup/delivery orders.


Prior to creating our prototypes, we employed heat mapping software on the live site, accumulating data on frequent customer interactions. The data showed that a number of the key design features were routinely used for accessing physical store information and Ecommerce deals – features which were ultimately kept.

While the current website had an overall appealing design, the extremely custom nature of the Shopify 1.0 architecture used to create it left the site bloated and difficult to modify for anyone other than a web developer. Roundhouse’s team set out to leverage the updated JSON architecture in Shopify 2.0 by creating a number of custom sections that could be used throughout the site as needed and updated by the client’s internal team as necessary.

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