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Revenue Attribution: Data-Driven

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Average ROAS
$ 0 k
Monthly Revenue
400 %
Average ROAS
$ 0 k
Monthly Revenue


Assumed management in March of 2020 with the focus on recovering profitability from a non-profitable 2019 (around 50% ROAS for the year). With our first round of account optimization, we pushed Return on Ad Spend from 64% in February of 2020 to 307% in March of 2020. Roundhouse team continued to push known tactics into Search and Shopping campaign optimization, leading 2020 to end in December with a staggering 1,684% Return on Ad Spend, and the year coming in at 555% with $193,000 in Revenue.


2021 continued this trend, with monthly ROAS between 640-1,339%, and an average of 828% Return on Ad Spend, with $255,000 in Revenue.

Due to success, budget was increased in 2022 and beyond. With a focus on growth & profitability, Revenue is holding strong at $30k/mo.



With all eCommerce brands, Q4/Winter scaling every year increases Cost & Revenue, as the digital landscape expands & shoppers are focused on Holiday & personal shopping.

*Local advertising was also done for this client, which reduces overall attributable revenue in the account, meaning ROAS is likely higher than reported.

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