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International Clothing Retailer

Revenue Attribution: Data-Driven

Highest Monthly ROAS
2400 %
/mo Revenue from Ads
> 0 k
Highest Monthly ROAS
2400 %
/mo Revenue from Ads
> $ 0 k


Brand has strong brand recognition, and account was mismanaged, leading to extremely poor performance compared to expectations. Management was assumed June of 2022. 


Historic performance was analyzed and large-batch optimizations were performed based on 2+ years of poor data in the account. ROAS immediately rose to 780% in July of 2022, following June’s 382%. Through Roundhouse consulting’s data-driven approach, PerformanceMax for Shopping campaigns were optimized for consistent increase in Revenue, despite a low monthly ad spend. Following July’s initial increase, Return on Ad Spend nearly doubled again in August, from 780% to 1501%. September and October pushed the needle further with ROAS above 1900%, and Q4 Ecommerce closed out strong with November and December driving 2,361% and 3,002% Return on Ad Spend respectively.

The Skinny:

With Revenue hitting all-time highs above $100,000, Ad spend was increased in 2023, showing strong likelihood for potential to drive $200,000 or above per month from Google Ads as a part of the marketing mix.

ROAS this high is not typical, but not unheard of for online retailers pursuing a Shopping-first strategy.

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