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International Clothing Retailer

Revenue Attribution: Data-Driven

2400 %
Highest Monthly ROAS
> 0 k
/mo Revenue from Ads
2400 %
Highest Monthly ROAS
> $ 0 k
/mo Revenue from Ads


Brand has strong brand recognition, and account was mismanaged, leading to extremely poor performance compared to expectations. Management was assumed June of 2022. 


Historic performance was analyzed and large-batch optimizations were performed based on 2+ years of poor data in the account. ROAS immediately rose to 780% in July of 2022, following June’s 382%. Through Roundhouse consulting’s data-driven approach, PerformanceMax for Shopping campaigns were optimized for consistent increase in Revenue, despite a low monthly ad spend. Following July’s initial increase, Return on Ad Spend nearly doubled again in August, from 780% to 1501%. September and October pushed the needle further with ROAS above 1900%, and Q4 Ecommerce closed out strong with November and December driving 2,361% and 3,002% Return on Ad Spend respectively.

The Skinny:

With Revenue hitting all-time highs above $100,000, Ad spend was increased in 2023, showing strong likelihood for potential to drive $200,000 or above per month from Google Ads as a part of the marketing mix.

ROAS this high is not typical, but not unheard of for online retailers pursuing a Shopping-first strategy.

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